Sunflower Sensation

Sunny Sunflower Wedding

Bring the sunshine to your special day with our Sunflower Sensation package. The combination of crisp, white linen and bright, happy sunflowers is sure to put a smile on all your guests faces. The versatility of this package means it can be tailored to your venue, whether you want a bright, fresh look, or a more rustic outdoor feel.

Depending on your particularly preference, lots of elements in this package can be provided in either rustic or traditional styles. Both our rustic style and traditional white sweet cart work well with a sunflower wedding theme, likewise the welcome set ups and table plans. We can also add another flower type or colour of your choice, whilst keeping the emphasis on the sunflowers of course. 

Above all, we want you to feel in control of your wedding and for this reason we have a selection of centrepieces you can chose from, ensuring you get the perfect look for your sunflower wedding.  However, if you cannot find the centrepiece for you here, check out our centrepieces page, as we have many other styles to choose from.

If you would like to know more about what is included in this package and the price levels available please visit our prices page

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