Rocky Horror Extravaganza

Rocky Horror party decor

For those looking for something out of the ordinary, our Rocky Horror Extravaganza is stunningly spectacular. Featuring every over the top thing you would expect to see in a Rocky Horror party decor package, such as feather boas, lingerie, stilettos, corsets and red lips. Combined these create an undeniably authentic atmosphere so you can transport your guests to Transexual Transylvania!

The perfect way to welcome your guests to the Rocky Horror Spectacular that awaits them…..

Black tablecloths and chair covers really make the red decor pop, each table comes with a red sequin centre tablecloth and one of our custom made centrepieces, featuring feather boas, red lips and lots of bling. The bespoke made corset style sashes are unique to us, you will certainly not find anything like these anywhere else! 

Who says a top table is only for a wedding! Whether it’s your birthday, anniversary or engagement, it is still your special day and there is no reason why you shouldn’t be the centre of attention. Our top table set up really wows, with the black starlight sparkle backdrop behind you. 

Other decor items

So many items in our Rocky Horror party decor package are unique to us, having been bespoke made, so you most definitely won’t find the same things anywhere else. An example of this is our stunning card box, lined in silver velvet, surrounded by red feather boa and featuring a corset and stiletto embellishments, it is emphatically “Rocky Horror”.  In addition, to ensure your guests notice it , it comes flanked by a pair of stocking and stiletto clad legs on either side!

Our Rocky Horror party decor package is one of our newer additions so many photos are still to come very soon. In addition to those items mentioned previously there are lots more fabulous aspects to the Rocky Horror Extravaganza.

Still To Come


Treat your guests to some sweet nourishment with our “Eddie’s corpse” themed sweet table

Your guests will have great fun with our photo area, featuring the iconic “throne”, and many props including Frank’s wig and leather jacket, Columbia’s top hat and Magenta’s feather duster!

Ensure your guests can all do The Time Warp, with our pull down whiteboard, complete with the narrator’s instructional diagrams!

How many quotes can your guests remember? They can refresh their memories with our various speech bubble quotes hanging throughout your venue

and much more……

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